About Oral Surgery Partners

take back the specialty.

The oral surgeons we have partnered with love what they do. Whatever avenue they have taken, it’s the complexity of the work, the people they serve, and the colleagues and staff they interact with that bring them the most joy.

But surgery itself—the thing they do best—can take a back seat to the labor of owning and managing a practice. Sometimes, it feels like all their time is spent:

  • Managing employees
  • Dealing with insurance companies
  • Marketing their business
  • Controlling expenses

Instead of focusing on their specialty, they become generalists. They are busier managing a small business than bringing a smile to a patient’s face.

We know because we are oral surgeons too. We are specialists who acted like generalists for way too long. But we built a team, along with proven systems and procedures, that is the backbone of many thriving locations.

It’s also available to you.

Your Practice. Our Proven Systems.

Oral Surgery Partners (OSP) is an oral surgery management company that allows surgeons to do what they do best. We take management and administration off your shoulders without taking the unique “you” out of your practice.

Oral surgeons who partner with us own their practices. However, OSP can take the managerial burden off their shoulders. We work to customize each partnership to the surgeon’s needs, goals, and comfort level.

With OSP, you get help bringing patients through the door. You outsource the headaches of administration, HR, marketing, and asset management to our team.

Then, we are able to provide you and your staff finely tuned processes calibrated to grow your bottom line and keep you doing great work.

Does that sound like how you want to do business?

We are doctor-driven and patient-centric.

Here is how oral surgeons benefit from working with us.

Referral Growth

Keep patients coming through the doors. We build your referral network and manage your ongoing marketing efforts.

Billing and
Back Office

Get your accounting, collections, and insurance paperwork under control. Give your office staff experts to handle their questions.

HR Management

Place the hard parts of managing office staff in our hands. Provide your workers with our HR pros and their best practices.

Vendor Management

Delegate the oversight of your contractors and suppliers to us. We can manage those who provide you with service equipment, implants and medical supplies, IT, and more.

Insurance Management

Insurance can be extremely messy! Let OSP handle the insurance contracts and rate negotiations.

Recruitment Support

Leverage our network and recruitment procedures to find highly-qualified oral surgeons when you’re ready to scale-up.

Asset Management

All service equipment depreciates, breaks, or needs to be upgraded. We replace and manage these capital expenses and get you what you need.

Get back to what you love about your SPECIALTY.

You have spent hours perfecting the art and science of oral surgery. When you get to do it, you do it well.

Now, you can spend more time on your specialty that you have worked so hard to master. You can help more people smile. If you’re ready to do all of that for your practice, let’s have a conversation.