From Purchase Order to Paid Invoice

Doctors rely on a host of people and services to help them do their job well. From their service equipment to their computers, everything must be in its place, fully stocked, and up to standards.
Overseeing all of those different entities is time-consuming and difficult. Though you have charged your staff with making sure everything goes smoothly, it is hard to manage them while you care for patients. That’s why OSP offers Vendor Management for our partners.

OSP Handles Your Vendors

At OSP, we give you everything you need to succeed as an oral surgeon. First, you get access to our top-flight vendor list for service equipment, implants, grafting materials and supplies, surgical instruments, and handpieces. Then you get our negotiated prices and group rates. But we help you with local vendors as well—IT, phones, cleaning, and other services. We make sure everyone gets paid on time through our accounts payable department. Your staff will have OSP’s support if there’s a problem with a vendor as well. You, in the meantime, can keep seeing patients.

Our Vendor Management Services

Accounts Payable

Accounts Receivable

Our vetting process for new vendors

Our network of proven dental technology vendors

IT services oversight

You can do this.

You do not have to keep all the balls in the air at once. OSP practices get our vendor management services. Does that make sense for your business?