Don’t Leave Money on the Table.

Insurance is messy. It’s an ever-changing industry with complicated contracts, regulations, laws, and requirements. Everything about it is in constant flux, and some doctors, frustrated by the process, have begun to give up. They become complacent and allow insurance companies to dictate their terms and fees.

Don’t make this mistake.

How do you find the time (and build the expertise) to make the right choices concerning the insurance you take? And how do you process the mountains of paperwork that come with it? Your time, knowledge, and expertise are valuable. Let OSP untangle the web for you.

We Can Handle the “Insurance Headache”

Our Insurance Management team understands the industry. 

  • Help you navigate which insurances companies to contract with

  • Negotiate the best possible fees for you

  • Update partners with national and state law changes

  • Hold insurance companies accountable on your behalf

Additionally, we provide Back-Office Support. We ensure your team has the support they need to keep all your insurance paperwork up-to-date and flowing smoothly.

Are you ready to take back your practice from the minutiae of insurance management?

OSP will help you:

  • Evaluate and choose insurance companies

  • Monitor and adjust for changes in the law

  • Negotiate fees

  • Oversee paperwork

  • Support your on-site staff

Higher Profit, Less Paper

The insurance industry will only become more complicated. But becoming an OSP partner allows doctors to simplify their practice so they can focus on helping people. If you’d like that kind of support, we should talk.