How much time and effort do you spend marketing your oral surgery practice?  How well do you know the referral market in your backyard, their practice, their staff, their laboratory they send their cases to, and why they refer to your practice?

Referrals are the bloodline for oral surgeons.  At OSP, we understand multi-layered referral matrices.  We understand what differentiates your practice from your competitor’s.  As a result, we build a strategic oral surgery specific plan that helps your practice grow to levels where professional collaboration and friendships intersect culminating in streamlined care, higher volume cases, and a more experienced clinical and friendly referral network.

That’s what partnership is all about.

Patient Referral Systems

We do the expert work of marketing your practice.

First, if you don’t have one, we will build you an SEO-friendly website. People will be able to find you on Google if they can’t already. When patients visit your site, it will represent the real you—you will be proud of your strong online presence.

Then, we will give your staff the infrastructure and systems for ongoing marketing efforts, including co-marketing, communications, and continuing education events with referrals. We will invest in your team and programs to improve your referral outreach.

Is this what you need to grow? We want to help.

What You Can Get from OSP’s Patient Referrals

A fresh site

A social media plan

Social media onboarding
for your staff


Our referral network

Our dentist outreach programs

Keep your practice patient-focused.

Get help keeping your schedule pleasantly full. 

Oral Surgery Partners will help you do great work while growing your practice.