Did you start your oral surgery practice because you love paperwork?

Probably not. But if you’re like most practices, you are drowning in:

  • Insurance paperwork
  • Licensing
  • Credentialing
  • Billing
  • Collections


We started OSP out of a desire to put the administration of the practice in the background. We have developed systems, procedures, and a team of experts to help any oral surgery office staff with all the necessary paperwork and billing headaches.

What’s better, they will be able to accomplish it with minimal help or input from their doctor.

When it comes to insurance claims, we file and follow up for you. We coordinate with your on-site staff to get narratives, X-Rays, and procedures notes. We offer support to your team, even taking the most complicated parts of the business off their plate altogether.

Plus, collections can be a never-ending frustration! But we know how to do it correctly. Our team is well equipped and educated to take on the never ending battle of denied claims. Don’t do it yourself. Let us follow up on statements and collections. We get you paid without bogging you down in mailings and phone calls.

Our Billing and Back-Office Services

Credentialing services

Insurance claims processing


Our office staff working with yours

Enjoy the Benefits of Partnership

Your staff shouldn’t be dependent on you for all the answers. Doctors who partner with OSP spend their days doing the work they love—not paperwork.

Does that sound like something that would make your life better?

Get back to what you love about your job.

You’ve spent hours perfecting the art and science of oral surgery. When you get to do it, you do it well.

Now, you can spend more time on the craft you’ve worked so hard to master. You can help more people smile. If you’re ready to do all of that for your practice, let’s have a conversation.